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Originally posted to on December 8, 2017.

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Rule Changes to the Manual of Motorcycle Sport for 2018

Please see below the list of changes for the MoMS in 2018. This is only a brief note on the changes that have occurred. It is important you read through the relevant chapters to see how these changes will affect your discipline.
There are a number of changes that were not finalised in time to make it into the printed edition; these have been noted below and will appear in the online version.

Please note, the National Personal Accident Insurance chapter, as well as the Member Protection Policy have this year been removed as policy documents, and can now be found online at
To find the 2018 Manuel of Motorcycle Sport (MoMS) head to 
Changes to the Manual of Motorcycle Sport for 2018

  • Addition of the Deputy position
  • Eligibility Scrutineer - conflict of interest


  • Track inspector reports
  • Notes regarding final instructions

Offences, Protests and Appeals

  • Imposition of penalties during events
  • Penalties that can be imposed by the Clerk of Course, Steward, and RCB
  • Default penalty time limits
  • What is required to make a protest
  • Engine protest process
  • Commencement of appeals

 Road Race;

  • The removal of championship status for Moto3 and 125cc classes
  • Combining of Moto3 and 250 GP Mono
  • Stopping race procedure
  • Data acquisition & ignition control units
  • Throttle assembly
  • Brake discs for production class will be updated in online version

Historic Road Race;

  • Fuel note regarding AV Gas


  • Junior Australian SX Championships
  • Self-scrutineering
  • Starting and stopping events

Classic Motocross/Classic Dirt Track;

  • Changes for Classic and Post Classic Championship and Competition classes
  • Addition of Pre-95 classes
  • Fuel


  • Junior endorsements
  • Changes to number plate dimension and colour
  • Change to age of EJ Championship Class
  • Enduro format – course length

All-Terrain Vehicles;

  • General eligibility relating to protective clothing and equipment


  • Competition classes
  • Minimum Championship numbers
  • Selection for Australian Speedway Championship
  • Dirt deflectors
  • Sidecar underpan

Dirt Track/Track;

  • Starting and stopping events


  • Jump Starts


  • Changes for Championship and Competition Classes
  • Penalties in competition
  • Radio communication no longer allowed


  • Rider grading
  • Rider identification and number plates
  • Changes to courses

Rule changes effective from:
1st January 2018
For any enquires contact Liz Kinderis on (03) 9684-0512 or via email: [email protected]

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