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2018 SA Trial Champs

17th Aug, 2018 | Matt Langtree
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2018 SA Trial Champs

Entries for ‘The Hell Team & Oset Bikes Downunder’ 2018 SA Trial Championships

are now OPEN and will CLOSE at midnight on Monday, September 3rd. The 2018
Championships are being hosted by the Keyneton MCC and will be held at the iconic
Eden Valley property of Barina, which hosted the 2011 Australian Championships!

Online entries, and the supp regs, are available at,
and as always, we thank Peter Arnold from Trialsport for making this easy to use
program available!

A full range of classes will be offered, with all having to meet the Motorcycling SA
requirements to be an official Championship Class (requirements will be in supp regs)
MODERN SOLO; Expert, Open Women, A Grade, B Grade, C Grade, Veterans, Clubman,
Non-Comp solo & sidecar
HISTORIC SOLO; Historic Blue & Historic White (Air-cooled mono, Post Classic & Classic
combined - full requirements will be in supp regs)
SIDECAR; A Grade, B Grade & Classic (Classic requirements will be in supp regs)
JUNIORS; Junior A & Junior B Boys, Junior A & Junior B Girls (yes, 2 classes for junior
girls), MINI TRIAL
AND YES - there will be a chance to ride the Championships in a non-competitive way -
solo, sidecar & Mini Trial - just like every trial during the year in SA! Check out the supp
regs for the details
The likely riding conditions for the 2018 Championships will be; 4 laps of 12 sections each
day for ALL classes - with different sections each day as well - and in a 6 hour time limit,
starting at 10.00am on Saturday and 9.00am on Sunday.
The event will be fully catered both days and have free entry to the venue for spectators -
which will be a fairly easy walk for them as well!
Spectators will have the chance to watch many of South Australia’s finest exponents if the
trials discipline, from ages 4 to 74, and on modern and classic machines, and on sidecars
as well as solos – there will be something for everyone to watch!

The Keyneton MCC is also very excited to announce that Paul Arnott’s The Hell Team and
Peter Goddard’s Oset Bikes Downunder are joining forces in a joint major sponsorship of
the 2018 Championships, with The Hell Team supporting the ‘senior solo’ classes and Oset

Bikes Downunder supporting the ‘junior solo’ classes, which will also include the non-
competitive Mini Trial class!

The Hell Team and Oset Bikes Downunder are both based in NSW, but are well represented
here in South Australia by Greg Knight and Rockhopping SA, and with Greg also a
Keyneton member, it is guaranteed that Greg will be on site with a well-stocked trailer for
the Championships!
And in exciting news for the 2018 Championships, South Australia will crown a new SA#1
in both, Open Solo and Open Women, as the current #1 riders, Haydon Ahrens and
Tasmanian Jenna Lupo will both not ride, and with Connor Hogan and Sofie Kraft also
absent from this year’s Championships, it really does open the door for the ‘next generation’
to step up and take their chance!
Trials being a unique discipline in that there is only 1 rider in a section at any one time, it
gives talented junior riders the chance to compete directly against their senior
counterparts, so watch for the ‘junior verses senior’ battles that will unfold at these
Championships, as juniors Alex Cowan, Joshua Rees and Haydon Barwick go all out to
win in B Grade against their senior competition, with Lillie Yiatrou, Patrick Hewitt, Hayden
Eardley and Cameron Gerhardy doing the same in C Grade!
The Keyneton MCC and Trials South Oz, along with Motorcycling SA look forward to
seeing you all there on September 8 & 9!



The 2018 SA Championships is also offering a full set of classes for sidecars and the old
bikes – as there are many now sitting idle in sheds, and that is just not right!
Sidecars will have the choice of A Grade, B Grade & Classic (with a ‘Classic’ defined as
having drum brakes, an air-cooled motor and no sidecar wheel brake). The B Grade &
Classic sections will be a relatively easy ride, with 1 event comp and non-comp licences
The Historic bikes will have 2 lines to choose from, blue & white, and both are open to all
3 definitions of Historic trials bikes, Air-cooled monoshock, Post Classic (twin-shock) and
the Classics (pre 1964), but riders can choose their difficulty, especially if they don’t want
to scratch their ‘baby’ – and as with the sidecars, 1 event comp & non-comp licences are


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