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2018 WDTC Twinshock Masters.

17th Oct, 2018 | Graham Weiss

Hello Everybody. The Supplementry Regulations for the 2018 WDTC Twinshock Masters Trial are now up on Ridernet. The easiest way to enter is through and log in with your licence number. Please don`t forget your Self Scrutineering Forms as you will need them to hand in to me. We also still need quite a few observers so if you or your Wife, Girlfriend, Husband, Boyfriend, Friends or your Kids can help us out please email me on and I will put your name on my Observer list. You will get lunch, some water, a can of soft drink at lunch and a prize at the end of the Trial. Your Self Scrutineering form will be emailed to you after you enter with your receipt and the Supp Regs. I`ve entered so have you? See you there. 

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