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2019 Australian Titles Documents

2nd Jan, 2020 | Kurt Pickering

2019 Australian Titles Documents

Hi All,

For anyone who has run an Australian titles, you will know the mass amounts of time that goes into creating documents.
In the interest of hopefully saving you a bit of this time we are making available the documents used by the TMTC last year.

If you follow the below links you can get all the documents we used for the Aus Titles.

All Docs:
Aust Titles Committee meeting Minutes:

Some of the things that helped us run a smooth Aust Championship were (in no particular order):-

-It is very important to set up a Committee early and have regular phone hook-ups, with minutes and actions, to share idea’s and check progress. Monthly initially then Fortnightly in last 2 months.

  • Phone hook-ups remove the need to travel, once everyone gets used to speaking one at a time and not interrupting, they run very well.
  • You need one person to organise and run these phone hook-ups, another to take minutes.

-Getting a good committee together to divide the work, and not leave it to too few people.

Each person responsible for their own area, President and Aust Champs Committee with overview.

Draw more club members in as the work level increases in the Aust Champs committee portfolio area’s

-See attached file.

-Getting out early to find sponsorship, govt grant, Naming sponsor, etc

(See the sponsorship package offers sheet – it helps explain to potential sponsors what they will get for their sponsorship)

-Start lining up Observers early so they can plan to be there.

  • your usual observers
  • Community groups eg Nearby Motorcycle Clubs, Scouts, Venture Scouts, Rotary, Lions, Mens Sheds, Army Reserve, etc
  • Ex Trials club members lists are a real goldmine for observers, they like the sport, they want to meet up with old club members, it is a reunion for them all.
  • Get mobile numbers of observers and set up Group SMS to keep them informed. What is happening leading up to the event, then what time to be there and what to bring to the event.
  • Set up a confirmed observers list with Who/What day/ Observer or Clicker/ etc (See Attachment), this is usefull on the day so you know who has arrived, what section they are on, etc
  • Small UHF radios for communications between observers and scoring tens and officials works well.
  • Countdown timers for the observers are available cheaply on ebay.

-It was a good idea to Split the field up into 2 groups that rode alternate loops of 15 sections, all arrows in all sections, groups swapped loops on day 2.

Benefit was only 30 sections reqd, sections were high quality, less time to build course.

  • You need to mark the loops and sections CLEARLY with different colours.

Large boards along course and at sections to identify the section colour and number and number of arrows to look for in the section. (See Attachment Grades & Section setting above)

  • The scoring cards need to be marked with the loop colour at the top of the card. eg Red mark on top of scorecard for red loop and yellow mark on top of scorecard for yellow loop.

As Blue arrow riders (Vets, Trial  4, Juniors etc) will likely be riding through different loops on both days, the mark on the top of the card reminds the rider and

the observer which loop they are riding or scoring. It also stops a rider on yellow loop getting confused and riding a red line.

-Review all the sections after your teams have built them

  • To ensure consistency and correct standard
  • To note down it one or 2 observers are required and how far or difficult section is to get to for mobility impaired observers.
  • To ensure the directions to each section make sense to a visiting rider
  • Include riders from all grades in your review team.

-Get your permits on the way early eg MA Permit and Sup Regs, Council Permit if required, Permits to put advertising signs on roadside, etc
-Book your presentation venue early, there are not many suitable big venues.  Also your food van for trial site.
-Book your private ambulance early.
-Call MA about Oceania Funding very early on to allow it to be organised.


Kurt Pickering

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