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2019 Gas Gas RACING has significant changes.

21st Feb, 2019 | The Hell Team

2019 Gas Gas RACING has significant changes.
2019 Gas Gas TXT RACING Models are here!

A new shipment of the fantastic 2019 Gas Gas RACING Trials Motorcycles arrives.

The new Gas Gas RACING model has been a huge success so far in 2019. Some significant changes this year include:

New swingarm, new rear linkages, new rear brake master cylinder, new front mudguard and brace, new engine bearings, new clutch case and clutch, and a host of premium parts including Ohlins rear damper, Tech aluminium front forks, Keihin flat slide carby and a package still deemed as the bench mark performance trials bike.

Ridden by Australia's best riders, and the predominant bike on the world stage, Gas Gas has the greatest number of proffessional riders aboard the red brand. Check out the Gas Gas 2019 RACING.

Available now from The Hell Team, and all Gas Gas Trials Dealers. 


Cutting edge, stylized, racing image










GasGas has significantly reinvented its great trial icon the TXT Racing 2019 with numerous new features.

The first of these, evident to the naked eye, is on an aesthetic level with completely renewed graphics and a markedly 'racing' appearance. All this thanks to the stylization of its lines and the originality of elements such as the new front mud guard, integrated into the fork brace, or the combination of basic colours such as black, red and white in the plastic and the embellishment of parts such as the new aluminium swingarm and the new clutch cover.

The rear section shows the evolution that have evolved into the new GasGas TXT Racing 2019, with the debut of its new swingarm and most of the additional components associated with the rear section. This includes a long list of new features in the rear section, headed by the incorporation of a new more effective brake cylinder, a new disc protector anchored directly to the brake calliper, and a new guide for the rear brake hose, which has a new sprocket protector. In addition to a practical side stand with a new protrusion to facilitate its extension with the sole of the boot, a new chain skid, detachable without the need to undo the swingarm and an easy to assemble chain tensioner that now has even greater protection.

New swingarm and rear section










New elements in the rear section in addition to the new aluminium swingarm with its progressive linkage system, include the two-way Öhlins hydraulic monoshock with 174 mm travel and the new anchorage between the swingarm, the chrome-molybdenum tubular chassis and the engine with bearings double sealed to the exterior, which ensure a hermetic finish and provide a perfect balance between stability, traction and the reaction capacity of the rear shock absorber in the most demanding and uncompromising trials for riders.

An absolute redesign of the swingarm and suspension links give a new progressiveness to the TXT Racing 2019 range, increasing its stability, and improving the traction and precision of the rear section.

Maximum reliability and great performance










Often external changes are a reflection of an internal renewal, as in the case of the new TXT Racing 2019, where this season's models adopt highly relevant developments in the engine. If we delve into its heart, we find one of the main modifications of this model: new crankshaft bearings that ensure the correct lubrication of the engine, ensure the hermetic fit of the assembly and, in turn, allow its easy and convenient maintenance from the exterior.

The new trial range from the company in Girona is manufactured in the usual engines sizes of 300, 280, 250 and 125 cc, counting on its compact, light single-cylinder water cooled 2 stroke engines with six-speed gearbox.

In addition to the proven reliability and resistance of its engines, new kevlar clutch discs are incorporated in this range with a new spring and new variable preload. The new clutch cover is divided in two parts in order to simplify access and maintenance, and facilitate the removal of the clutch discs, a job that now requires only the simple operation of removing the outer cover.

Overall some very significant changes from one end of the bike to the other. A great package just got better.

Please contact The Hell Team or your state wide Gas Gas Dealers for more information.

Queensland: Revolution Trials - Justin Gough

Victoria: PTR Engineering - Phil Whittle

South Australia: RockHopping SA - Greg Knight

Western Australia: Moto Dynamics - Simon Price

Tasmania: Craig Ferrall

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