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2019 Trial des Nations - Chris Bayles Interview

27th Sep, 2019 | Kyle Middleton

Today we have the final team interview I'll be doing before the 2019 Trial des Nations. This one is with Tasmania's Chris Bayles, a rider who many know I have a strong relationship with and who I have competed at many Trial des Nations with. I would call Chris the 'Attitude Leader' of the team as he always keeps everyones head up and working towards our goals. I have completed this interview whilst in Ibiza, Spain, the venue for this years event on the eve of our first day in the paddock.

Tell us about Chris, who is he?

I'm a 30 year old, dry sense of humor fella from Tassie. Farming on the family farm is my occupation. I've been riding trials as a fun hobby since 1998 when my old man and uncle got me into the sport. I've been taking it a little more seriouslt in the past 5-6 years.

I think when you get selected for the Australian TdN team which is funded by MA & the trials community you have a responsibilty to put back into the sport. Tell me what you do.

I'm very passionate about the sport and enjoy helping seeing it grow. I think our trials community is such a fantastic family minded group tgat goes out of their way to help all. It's such a great sport, the more we can expose it and the more encouragement we can put into our existing members, the next generation and the new comers, the more the sport will develop. I guess I put back into the sport in a number of ways. Demo's are a way to display and show off our sport as well as get some personal exposure. Between myself and the club we hold a number of demonstrations at things such as moto hows and country shows. I do coaching too. People say you can teach an old dog new tricks, maybe not new tricks but you can help develop a riders ability using their style, confidence, understanding and a little motivations can really improve an older rider lets say. Working with younger riders and going out of your way to help them is important as a stronger rider I think. It makes them feel good and gain confidence. The younger riders are our future. Also, if you help a younger rider develop, enjoy the sport and feel motivated to improve, all of a sudden you have a family sport. I'm the president of the Tasmanian Motorcycle Trials Club. Over the years the club has helped, provided and assisted me with so many opportunities. Their support has been amazing, now it's just time for me to put back into the club. We also use our family and business property for trials events which offers a place for Tasmanians to run training, club and Australian Title events.

Home ground at the Aussies this year, what are your expectations?

This is a tricky one Kyle, sure you're not trying to get some key information out of me with this one? I feel very comfortable riding at home. I guess all the other top riders know that. Don't get me wrong, the terrain at home is very challenging and can be unpredictable. It is hard to be consistent at the Joy, the shale is always challenging. The level of riding is always improving  and I'm going to have to be on the ball to be competative. My goal is to move back onto the podium, (I've) got some unfinished business after last year.

You and I have been through a lot of ups and downs with our TdN results but we were lucky enough to be in the first Australian team to win it. What did that mean to you?

We have had ups and downs, we've always given 100% as a team and if it's a shocker of a result we always use it to build for the following year. Winning let's say WHAT A THRILL. Just so the public know, our team worked exceptionally well together. We all delivered some key rides in 2017 to assist with the win. Standing on the top step with two other very passionate riders is a memory that can't be forgotten. We had such pride getting Australia the win.

Phil told me the scores on the last lap and I just knew we were going to win. Not knowing the scores, did you think we were going to win?

I knew we would have been close and I was stoked knowing we would be on the podium, finding out we has the win in the bag after the last section was amazing, proud Australian representative moment. Never seen so many proud team members and Australian Trials community fans.

Yourself, Connor and I have developed a strong team relationship and can work together to achieve great things. What do you thin the team needs to do to improve our results from last year?

Our team is always strong and we always work well together. HAving a full week worth of riding together will be to our advantage. The terrain will suit our riding style this year, unlike last year. A positive attitude and enjoying the experience will go well for us hopefully. We have other teams thinking of us as strong competition which is always a good thing. Bring it on!

Thanks Chris, I really cant wait to do it all again this year with you and Connor. Lets do it. 

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