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2019 Trial des Nations - Connor Hogan Interview

6th Jun, 2019 | Kyle Middleton

This week we've got our most internationally active rider, Connor Hogan.  Let's see what he has to say.

Firstly, tell me about Connor, who is he?

I'm a 19 year old from Bangor, South Australia and am very passionate about trials riding and this motivates me to being very determined to do the best I can, always looking to push myself in every way possible. Trials competing started at age 5 for me. 

You might now be the most experienced international rider the team has had.  How many years have you been on the world circuit and how many rounds have you done?

I have competed in the World Championships for the last three years and again this year.  By the end of the year I will have ridden over 25 World Championship rounds.

How bad do you want to beat me at this years Aussie Titles? (winks)

As much as I would love to beat you I think I will leave that challenge up to Chris as this years Aussie Titles are in his home territory.

Not even a bit ey? OK so what's the hardest thing about the Trial des Nations for you?

Probably adapting to a trial where you have to ride for the benefit of the team rather than yourself, particularly as it is the only trial where you have to do that.

You and I both have our dads working closely with us throughout our trials careers.  How is that for you?  Is your dad as slow as mine between sections?

I find it very beneficial to have him working closely with me in trials as he is as passionate about it as I am and having someone interested in the same thing makes it even more enjoyable.  He is definately slowing down in the sections and I quite often end up riding over the top of him because he hasn't moved quite fast enough.

Thanks Connor, I know you're very busy at the moment so good luck in this weekend's World Champioship round in Japan. We're all behind you.

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