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My apologies! I was working off an old calander and the Queens Birthday Weekend was noted on the wrong weekend! I have now fixed this and updated the calander! Sorry for any inconvinience.

The Motorcycling Victoria Trials Committee met on the weekend to set the 2020 Trials Calendar and review the grading list. We are pleased to announce a 5 round VTS series as well as club days and come and try events to keep the calendar flowing throughout the year. Ballarat Rovers are still to confirm some come and try days and these will be added to the calendar as soon as we can. We have also made a conscious effort to factor in the state calendars of our closest neighbours for those who like to travel to larger interstate events.

Please also find the Victorian Grading List Attached. The grading list is the class you are expected to ride based on your previous years results. You are able to ride any age or bike based class (eg. Vets, Masters, Classic) outside these grading without being penalised. If you wish to ride in a lesser grade it will be without reward. If you have any disputes about the grading list please send to myself, Chloe Whittle, ( and these will be put to the TV Committee to discuss.


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