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2022 Vertigo Works Nitro

19th Sep, 2021 | David Ryan

2022 Vertigo Works Nitro

The all new Vertigo Works Nitro is no longer a rumor now it has been released.  This is the first all new Vertigo since 2018.  The Nitro features a new trellis frame, new engine but still retains all the top of the range componetry - Reiger and Tech suspension, BrakeTec monoblock brakes, fuel injected engine.  Available in 300, 250, 200 and 125 in Australia.  Priced at $11350 they are incredible value for the latest technology.  Available in November or December this year.

Much development has been achieved by Vertigo's engineers while testing of the new bike by Jamie Busto in this year's World Championships.  The Nitro has a new trellis frame, new fuel tank which has been moved forward, new exhaust, new water pump smaller with a higher flow rate which is in a new position, new rear brake system, new plastics, repositioned electrics for greater cooling and accessability.  The rear shock now has room for greater travel, and also allows wider bodied rear shocks to be fitted such as the Reiger Hydrastop.  The new 200 is now based on the 250 engine with the same bottom end.  It is now a 225cc capacity instead of the old 175cc.  For full details go to   

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