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Two of Australia's top womens trials riders are set for the second round of the FIM World Trial Champioship for Women, being held this Saturday in the Czech Republic. Ailsa Anderson (Sherco) lines up for her first ever European trials event, along side Trial des Nations team mate Kristie McKinnon (Gas Gas


Having arrived in Czecho late Wednesday night via Poland, the girls got their first look as their new bikes on Thursday, which has been picked up by TDN managers Colin Scott and Mick Rummery. With no practice allowed on Thursday, the girls spend a bit of time setting the bike up to their liking, and checking a few bolts, ready for practice on Friday morning.

Green slippery rocks with damp earth and tree roots greeted the girls in the practice area, but in no time at all they were finding the grip and feeling happy with their new bikes. After lunch it was time for viewing the sections, with Minders Mick Rummery for Ailsa and Colin Zarczynski for Kristie.

The fourteen sections are spread amongst the trees over a 3km loop, with five sections of a very high standard, and the remainder well within the range of cleans for our girls. Checking the sections is a very important part of Friday, because the girls will not be allowed INSIDE the sections again when the go to ride them on Saturday, they can only look from outside the tapes.

With course inspection completed, it was off to sign in, with Ailsa passing her first noise test with no problems, and getting her frame painted with her start number.

All that is left is to get some of the fantastic Czech cuisine for dinner, and a good nights rest for tomorrows trial.

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