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[AMA] Top Naas Two Day Fun Trial – Trials Club of Canberra / fundraiser for Tim and Ina Coleman

My Invitation to the Australian Trials Family is to come down to our Top Naas Two Day Fun Trial for 2021. Every dollar we make after expenses, will be transferred to the bank account of Tim and Ina Coleman.
This Trial has Red Line, Yellow Line, Blue Line, and White Line which includes Sidecar. There WILL be a Mini Trial each day on a group of simple sections not too far from the Scorevan, subject to us receiving entries from Sub Juniors. Luke Anderson will be running the mini-trial. Sub Juniors are not to be entered in the main Trial. The loop is far too long, and areas of the loop may be too challenging for Sub Juniors.
Minimal Red, Yellow and Blue splits, no white splits. There will be a mirror hanging adjacent to the scoreboards. Any rider who claims their sections were too easy will be invited to look in the mirror, where they will be able to see the person who made their sections too easy.
At the conclusion of our first Top Naas Homestead Two Day Trial, I was sitting at one of the lunch tables chatting with Phil Whittle and Paul Arnott. One of the boys looked across the table at me and commented ‘You could easily run an Aussie Title at this place”. I looked them squarely in the eye when I replied, “Yes, you could run an Aussie Title at this place”. Kev Zarczynski is the only top level Australian Trials rider to ride at any of our 4 previous Top Naas Two Day Trials, but I can assure any Top Aussie Trials rider who choses to join us for the 2021 event that the sections will offer a challenge to our very best. Refer to my comment on the mirror.
Our Entry Fees are Under 18 $25, 18 and over $50, Sidecar $60, Family $75. Riders are invited to pay any amount above the listed Entry Fee, remembering that this is a fundraiser for Tim and Ina Coleman.

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