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As the Australian Women’s Team placed a credible seventh place at the 2010 Trial des Nations, the Australian Men’s Team have been doing everything they can to fine tune their skills and adapt to the conditions ahead of Sunday’s competition.

In addition to training with Diego Bosis, one of the first ever competitors in the Trial des Nations, the Team, consisting of Tim Coleman (Glenmaggie VIC), Colin Zarczynski (Penrith NSW), Neil Price and Lewis Nolan (Perth WA), had a solid training session in the gruelling and slippery conditions with some of the World’s best on Friday before Section Inspection on Saturday afternoon.

Speaking on Saturday afternoon, Price said that the practice they had on Friday was invaluable and felt confident the Australian Team were a strong chance to take out the International Trophy in 2010.

“Having the practice session on Friday was absolutely perfect,” Price said.

“For us, learning how to get drive from the bottom of a steep embankment was invaluable, and it was even better to be able to watch some of the top World Championship riders and learn from them.

“Throughout the session the entire team improved ten-fold just adapting to the conditions, the difference was astonishing, so I think we’ve got a pretty good chance to be honest, and I’m not just saying that!

“The team we’ve got is really adaptable, which showed during our practice and with the National Championships already out of the way, we can really focus on riding as a team and getting on that podium!”

Nolan, who is the youngest member of the team, was excited to represent Australia for the first time and felt more confident heading into the event on Sunday.

“When we first rocked up the terrain was pretty foreign to us,” Nolan said.

“But having the International guys there is one of the best things about riding in Europe: when you train you’re training in the same sections as the top guys – granted the first time you do it you get pretty nervous but you do get used to it!

“I’m nervous and excited about riding on Sunday, but I’m pumped to be chosen to represent Australia and I just really want to get out there and have a good ride and hopefully help the team to get up there.”

Also riding at the Trial des Nations for the first time is Coleman, who made the most of practicing on the unfamiliar conditions.

“The conditions here are really different to back home,” Coleman said.

“There are more hills, slippery creek banks, and plenty of tree roots – it’s all about getting the right wheel position and using a lot of technique which takes a bit of getting used to.

“To come straight over from Australia - a week’s preparation is good but longer would definitely be better, but I’m glad we had that good ride on Friday I felt a lot of improvement and it’s such a great confidence boost ahead of the event on Sunday.

No stranger to the Trial des Nations will be Zarczynski, who will be competing for the ninth time this year.

Speaking after the Section Inspection on Saturday afternoon, Zarczynski said that the Team worked really well together to suss out the conditions.

“While we were out during the inspection we were looking for a number of things including the best lines, lines that we thought were going to be there and lines that might eventuate throughout the day.

“The hardest part was walking through the water, as you can’t see the base of the creek bed and in some sections it was coming up to my thigh so we definitely don’t want any more rain in the next 24 hours.

“We spoke a lot out there, helping out whenever anyone had any questions and talking about how we wanted to do things and approach the different areas.

“I’m excited to get out there with the guys and feel pretty confident that the team should do well – there are a couple of sections that’ll require a massive effort to get through, but there’s also sections like number 15, which has a massive waterfall that we get to ride straight up the middle of – so that will definitely be a highlight.”

The Australian Team will take to the course on Sunday for the 2010 Trial des Nations lining up against the best men’s trials riders in the world.

For more information about the Australian Teams contending the 2010 Trial des Nations stay tuned to the Motorcycling Australia website at: or visit MA’s dedicated Trial des Nations page by clicking here.


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