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Tim Coleman, Lewis Nolan, Neil Price and Colin Zarczynski rode Australia into 7th place of the 15 teams in the Trial des Nations International Trophy, matching the 7th placing of the Australian Womens team the previous day at the same venue.



Conditions for the mens trial on Sunday had slightly improved with Saturdays raining coming to a halt during the night, which allowed the water level in the river to drop significantly, and greatly improve the riders view of the course.


The first sections started lower down stream closer to the town, with muddy climbs out of the river.


Here each rider started with a bit of a wobbly three point ride, the team score takes the best three rides of the four men per section, so this was 9 points for the Aussies on the opening hazard.

The second, third and fourth sections were again criss-crossing the river, steep bankings out of deep water, over tree rocks and wet stones.


Through the middle part of the lap the Aussie lads had started to hit their lines and put in top class team scores for the sections.

Lewis Nolan has a problem with a sticking throttle, but this was quickly attended to before the team sailed through section six for the loss of just a single dab.


Deep mud in the approaches to the earth bankings on section 14 had Australia again taking 9 marks, where the leading teams in the International Trophy were going clean or losing just a single mark.


Towards to the end of the lap the Aussie riders were looking forward to the waterfall on section 15, which has been a ragging torrent during Saturdays pre-event course inspection. Come Sunday morning, the water level had dropped away, giving the riders the chance to actually see where they had to ride.


Australia had another great performance here, with their single point loss the best of any team in the Trophy division.


From the top of the hill at section 17 the riders completed the long and bumby ride down to the town for the final hazard in front of the grandstand, the Aussies losing 60 points on the first lap.

By this time the riders had gained a feel for how to find grip in the Polish mud, and were set to build a superb second lap. Through the first hazard, the team improve from 9 lost on the first lap to just one point on the final circuit, riding with confidence, aggression and just the right amount of smooth throttle to find the grip.


 From section six through to 13 the Aussies went with cleans or impressive single losses to build on their fantastic second lap, every team member having great rides in different places and improving on their first lap performance.





Australia's second lap was an improvement of 17 points over their first, a lap of 43 marks added to their opening circuit of 60 giving a total of 103 marks. 

As the remaining International Trophy teams came in, the scores showed Australia would finish in 7th place, four points away from fifth place, and only 17 marks adrift of team USA in 4th place.




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