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Australian Titles 2021

6th Feb, 2021 | Matt Langtree

Gooday fellow Australian Trials people, 

Sorry to be the bringer of bad news but due to the unpredictability of COVID and our state governments reaction to any future COVID cases the WA Australian Titles Committee have decided in consultation with MWA to postpone this year’s event in WA until 2022.

As you can imagine this was an extremely difficult discission to make but we feel a necessary one given WA’s recent lockdown and continued restrictions in travel both interstate and around our own suburbs.

The WA Australian Titles Committee feel that postponing our Australian Titles now will give an eastern state ample time to prepare and run their own 2021 Australian Title, I have been in contact with QLD recently and know they are happy to take over the task, watch this space. Furthermore, we feel that it would be unfair to the eastern state Trials community to commit to travelling to WA in the current unpredictable climate. 

I would like to thank our Promotor SJS Moto, naming rights sponsor GasGas Australia and our other sponsors AJS Trial Club, Pathfinders MCC, Rustic Metal Works and Moto Dynamics for coming onboard with this years event and hope you are able to support us in 2022.

Mark Austin

WA Australian Titles Committee

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