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AustralianTDN fundraiser update

15th Aug, 2016 | Winesy

The Australian teams that have represented Australia in previous teams have all benefited from the experience of competing against other countries and many have passed on their skills to our junior riders either one on one or at organised group training events.

If we, as a trials community, are going to continue to develop and nurture our juniors and those that aspire to represent our country, we need to continue to send teams overseas to the Trials des Nations. This has been made all the more difficult this year without the funding from Motorcycling Australia but in true Aussie spirit it was decided to give it a shot and fund raise to get the team to France.

Well, through a lot of hard work and determination they have almost met their target but they have all run out of things to sell or borrow to cover their costs. There’s about 500 trials riders in Australia and if we all just donated another $10 each (only 2 cups of coffee) to the cause it would make a significant difference, so get behind this year’s team and support the future of our sport.

Col Scott

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