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Battle the Beard Results

17th Aug, 2012 | Peter Gately
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A fantastic day at the Overflow was had by all who attended the Battle of the Beards. With a fantastic new loop around the property and fifteen sections per loop to be done three times, meant that we were looking a 45 sections for the day.

We were presented with a great varity of sections that took points of everyone except Jack Turner in Intro Mini, Steve Napier in Introductory and Joe Luft who cleaned all sections all day, just as well he ran as a Non Competititor.

 Boyd Wislcocks cleaned up in Open Solo with 8 points, Richard Kent who was cellabrating his 21st birthday again was heard to say he had set the sections so that he could enjoy the day. I will let you look at the results and make your own opinion on how well his day went.

Jim Reed was the clear leader in the B Grade Class on 17 points 21 ahaead of Andrew Atkinson.

C Grade had 13 riders competing witht he Juniors showing the oldies how it is done, Sam Turner finished on 4 points with Bradley Bryant only 2 points behind.

Clubperson Class raised a field of 15 riders with Evan Hunter showing his class finishing on 3 points, 2 points ahead of both Denys Reed and Sam Turner of 5 points.

Whitney Luft in Junior Women and Issac Somerfield in junior all just managed a first place against themselves but they would have shown thier heels to a lot of the Clubperson riders if they had competed against them.

The mad side car pair of Justin Gough and Maurice Blanchard were a site to see and had us more that once asking how did they do that?

Steve Napier was the only contestant in Introductory and won accorindingly on a clean for the day.

As mentioned earlier young Jack Turner cleaned up in Intro Junior with a clean for the day also.

Don Rowlands won the Air Cooled Monoshock class being the only contest and but would have finished mid field in Clubperson.

Graham Weiss showed all that Old Bultaco's never die finishing the day on a total of 4 points, 7 points ahead of Ross Cowdellon 11 points. That would have been a second place in Clubperson, just as well we do not let Twinshocks in the Clubman Class (LOL)

Nine riders contested the Battle of the Beards with some having a lot to say about the degree of dificulty for the C grade lines. But with Tony Bax only loosing 4 points for the day, 3 points ahead of both Tom Rafferty & Paul Moore on 7 points the sections may not have been hard enough. Although Darren Cresswell finishing on 101 points might not agree on that poinnt.

Watch this space next year as we are looking at Expanding the Battle of the Beards into two fields one grade will be set C Grade Lines while those no longer upto taking on C grade lines will be set a special Clubperson + which will consentrate on requireing very good technical skills to concour the sections. This will free up the Clubperson class for the event as only Two riders of the 15 being under 40 this year.

Remeber to Keep you feet up.


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