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BETA 2011 - first details

16th Sep, 2010 | David Ryan

Changes on the 2011 Beta EVO focus on improving rideability.  Engine position, handlebars, rear shock spring, engine mounts are amoung the many changes.  The bike is lighter and easier to maintain.

The engine position has been raided and moved forward.  This has shifted the centre of gravity higher.  Handling stability is improved and uphill riding is much easier.

A new handlebar position.  It is moved forward which shifts the riders weight forward.  This has improved traction and makes uphill riding more efficient and easier to balance.

A new stiffer rear spring is fitted.  This makes absorption of obstacles more effective and the rear end is more sensitive to obstacles.  A new truncated cone shaped bumper offers greater comfort especially in extreme riding conditions due to its more progressive operation.

New engine head brackets stiffen the bikes architecture and dampen vibration more effectively.

The bike is now lighter.  A new exhaust header pipe is fitted to the 250/290 which saves 200 gms.  It offers more linear power progression.

A new rear wheel is 500 gms lighter.  It also ensures complete air pressure reliability due to the adjustable spokes and rear rim flange.

Rideability has been improved with new engaged gears using zero degree profile.  This makes it easier to change gears.

New brake and clutch levers give improved ergonomics with a better modulated lever pull.

A new rear brake mastercylinder with integrated brake fluid reservoir.  A slight reduction in weight is achieved with this more compact design.

A new plug at the bottom of the air box allows water to be  drained out if the bike is drowned.  M6 screws now used to secure plastics.  The air filter has a new edge to improve water resistance.

Beta Evo 2011


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