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beta-logoBeta Australia congratulates the organisers of the Huon Aquaculture Australian Trials Championships held recently at Mt. Joy in Northern Tasmania for the professional manner in which the event was conducted. The event ran as smoothly as clockwork, the sections were well matched to the abilities of the various classes and the weather was ideal for trials riding, being fine with sunny breaks, but perhaps a little cool for those from northern parts of Australia.

The Trial 1 and Trial 2 grades featured some massive rock steps and there were also slippery logs, loose steep climbs and the abundant mobile slate for which Mt Joy is famous, or infamous, depending on your point of view. The big rock steps proved to be a spectator drawcard and provided the top riders with the opportunity of demonstrating their skills, which they did with a nonchalance that was most impressive. Congratulations to the defending Australian Champion, Kyle Middleton, who rode Saturday’s 30 sections with a loss of zero points followed with a loss of only five points on the Sunday to easily win yet another Australian Title.

Eighteen entrants rode Beta trials bikes, ranging from the 80cc bikes ridden in the junior classes to the 300c Factory replica models ridden in the higher grades. Of the Beta entrants, all completed the course without any mechanical or electrical issues, although one rider suffered a head injury in a fall on day two leading to his being unable to complete the event. Beta is pleased to report that the rider’s injury, although appearing to be serious at the time, has had no significant ongoing effect.

Notable rides by Beta riders included the following:

Tim Coleman, Victoria: 5th in Trial 1, just two points behind fourth placed Tasmanian Chris Bayles.

Tom Woodhouse, Tasmania: 4th in Trial 2, a mere point behind the 3rd placed rider.

Matt Woodhouse, Tasmania: 1st in Trial 3

Zac Lunn, Tasmania: 1st in Trial 4.

David Whitfield: 3rd in Trial 4

Ken Cook, Victoria: 3rd in Veterans over 55

Jake Long, Queensland: 2nd in Junior 12 to under 16 years

Benjamin Walling, Western Australia: 1st in Junior 9 to under 13 years

Charlotte Cowan, South Australia: 2nd in Junior Women 9 to under 13 years

Harry Petersen, South Australia: 1st in Junior 7 to under 11 years

Beta Australia looks forward to being involved in next year’s Australian Trials Championship to be held in NSW.


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