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Beta EVO Factory models due April

8th Mar, 2015 | David Ryan

Beta-factory-2015After a highly successful 2014 World and European Championship season, the Beta R&D team have produced the 2015 EVO Factory models in 300, 250 and 125cc versions.  The experience gained from Beta's fourth place in the World Pro category, first three places in the World Cup category and first in the European Championship has led directly tot he development of these fabulous machines.

These bikes are not just blinged up standard production bikes.  The engines are built by the R&D department and are highly modified internally.  The suspension, brakes, exhaust and electronics are modified to produce the most up to date and competitive trials bike.  A significant weight reduction is achieved - around 4kg over standard.

These bikes will arrive in late April and orders are been taken now.  Prices are 300cc $10500, 250cc $10200 and 125cc $9800.


 Engines changes from standard are

1.   The inside of the silencer has been redesigned to provide higher torque at low and medium engine speeds.  Quieter and more linear power delivery.

2.   New exhaust pipe in titanium.  A large reduction in weight is achieved combined with an increase in engine performance over the whole rev range.

3.   The cylinder ports are revised to improve throttle response and increase torque over the whole rev range.  This change improves combustion while making carburation more constant.

4.   The profile of the head insert is changed in the squish area.  Combined with the changed porting allows the engine to accelerate quicker throughout the rev range.  The engine has become more responsive with better acceleration and the carburation has been imporoved while the engine is under load.

5.   The 300cc version has a new CDI mapping to offer more linear power output to match the alterations to the cylinder and head insert.

6.   Special clutch is fitted for smoother operation and better able to transmit power.  Better drive when dumping the clutch.

7.   Engine crankcases, clutch cover and ignition cover are made from magnesium to achieve greater strength and lighter weight.

8.   The radiator hoses are made from a new type of silicone compound to provide more heat reduction and better fluid flow.

Changes to cycle parts are

1.   The rear shock is the new SACHS alloy bodied shock with is fully rebuildable.

2.   The white front forks feature the latest valving to ensure the rider has unmatched performance.

3.   An external knob adjusts damping rates which does not require any tools to adjust.

4.   The front fork is matched to an all new aluminium billet machined triple clamp in stunning red.  These lighter triple clamps provide less flex which improves stability.

5.   Footrests are machined from solid billet aluminium with non-slip steel teeth to ensure maximum grip in extreme conditions and are considerably lighter.

6.   Racing brake discs ensure stronger braking with a reduction in weight.

7.   Michelin X-light tyres are fitted for a further weight reduction.

8.   BrakeTec mastercylinders are fitted for front brake and clutch.

Bling parts fitted are

1.   Red cylinder head cover.

2.   Black engine covers.

3.   Red rims to complement the white frame.

4.   Special Factory Team decals.

5.   Billet aluminium chain adjusters and oil filler cap in red.

6.   Red anodized handlebar end caps.

7.   Fitted with lanyard style kill switch as standard. 

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