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Beta introduces the MY2017 EVO Factory models.

The Tuscan engineers have successfully achieved all their goals: reduced weight, higher performance and enhanced riding enjoyment.  The highlight of the new range is multi adjustable front and rear suspension with new front forks and new remote reservoir rear shock.


Factory versions are a further evolution of the EVO standard models at both a technical and design level.  Numerous special parts, some made from Ergal (machined Aluminium) go hand in hand with eye catching replica graphics.   Available in 125, 250, 300cc 2T and 300cc 4T, these bikes represent the most advanced race ready technology that Beta can offer.


For 125, 250 and 300cc engines

  • ·         Black magnesium engine crankcases for light weight with a saving of around 1.5 kg.
  • ·         Titanium exhaust pipe with a conical cylinder connection for light weight with a saving of around 1 kg and significantly increased performance.
  • ·         Profiled clutch discs to maintain clutch precision and control under the most extreme conditions.


Additional modifications for 250cc engines

  • ·         Ignition mapping specifically tuned for enhanced rideability and better throttle response.
  • ·         New silencer which increases performance throughout the rev range.


Additional modifications for 300cc engines

  • ·         New port timing for transfer and exhaust ports which are lowered to increase torque at low revs.
  • ·         New combustion chamber shape with specially designed profile and squish area to boost performance.


Additional modifications for 300cc 4T engines

  • ·         Titanium muffler provides less weight and freer breathing to improve performance throughout the rev range.



Modification applying to both 2T and 4T models.

  • ·         New front forks which feature separate adjustment for both compression and rebound damping.  Rebound adjustment via a screw at top of fork while rebound is via a screw at bottom of fork.
  • ·         New rear shock with more travel and separate adjustment for rebound and compression damping.  Thanks to a double oil remote reservoir tank the performance is considerably improved especially in challenging conditions.
  • ·         New black anodized triple clamp ensures greater rigidity and lightness.
  • ·         New rear linkage ratios which is more sensitive and progressive.  This ensures better traction and greater thrust in front of large obstacles.
  • ·         Lanyard type kill switch.
  • ·         Black anodized bar end plugs, engine oil plugs and chain adjusters.
  • ·         Footpegs machined from solid non-slip steel.  This ensures maximum riding grip as well as significant weight reduction.
  • ·         Racing wave disc rotors to deliver more powerful braking and significant weight reduction.
  • ·         Brake Tec clutch and front brake master cylinders.
  • ·         Michelin X light tyres for weight saving of over 1 kg.
  • ·         New graphics in blue and white decals to complement the red frame and plastics.


Delivery is around early April and prices will be published soon.  Orders taken now.




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