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Beta MiniTrial Electric

25th Nov, 2013 | David Ryan

Betamotor announces a new Beta MiniTrial powered by an electric motor.   It has been designed to give the new rider confidence during their new trials riding experience.


Fitted with an aluminium frame gives a total weight of only 24 kg.  The bike comes with a programmable digital control with 3 power settings to cater for beginners to advanced riders using the same bike.  Each power setting has an initial soft engagement to eliminate the "on-off" characteristic of electric motors.  Adjustable front suspension with a air rear shock, Shimano hydraulic front disc brake which is fully enclosed as is the rear chain for safety.  490mm seat height, 16" wheels, 750W 36V engine, 3 12V batteries provide 2 hours use at constant velocity.  Battery capacity is 9 Ah.  Beta will be releasing prices and production dates shortly.

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