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Beta Racing Aussie Titles report.

5th Oct, 2017 | Beta Racing

South Australia hosted a wonderful event – great weather, fantastic property and super smooth organizing.  Sections were really well laid out with the scores for most grades spot on although a lot of the veterans had a hard time.  There were plenty of spectators around the course soaking up some spectacular sections showcasing how good our top riders are.

Highlights for Beta riders were Neil Price in third place in Open Solo, a clean sweep in Junior Women with Hannah Rushworth first, Lillie Yiatrou second and Alisha Harry in third, Simon Van Baalen winning veterans 40 to 49, first and second in Solo 2 with Josh Coleman and Daniel Fenton, Brendan Johnson second in Masters, Tom Woodhouse third in Junior boys with Steve Rees and Melissa Rogers third in sidecar on a 1996 Beta Techno.

Open solo saw Neil Price in top form with every lap under 10 points finishing a well deserved third.   Trevor Campbell in his first Aussie Titles for some years recaptured his best form for a brilliant lap 2 and 3 on Sunday dropping only 9 then a terrific 3 points to show he still has it.  Zach Mularczyk rode consistently displaying he really is a rider of the future with a great ninth place.  His last lap on Sunday was outstanding. 

Open junior boys saw thirteen year old Tom Woodhouse who only started with trials recently finish a highly creditable third place behind two older and much more experienced riders.  If Tom stays with trials he has a terrific future ahead of him.   Alex Cowan on home ground finished fifth in this high quality field.  Alex’s first day was outstanding with a lap of 0 to finish off.  He started slowly on day two but again his last lap was outstanding. 

Junior women was a clean sweep for Beta taking out first, second and third.  Hannah Rushworth made the long trip from New Zealand worthwhile taking out first place.  Hannah did not drop a point of day two an amazing effort.  Lillie Yiatrou rode consistently to take out second place.  Lillie had a great second day dropping 5, 7 and 5 on her three laps.  Alisha Harry had a great second day with laps of 5, 0 and 1.  She must have a great coach.  Matilda Hannaford and Hayley Stephen battled on both days and did a terrific job to finish what was a hard trial for them.  Matilda did a great last lap of only 10 on Sunday.

In Junior U13, Ben Walling and Coan Linke were the best finishers in seventh and eighth place.  Coan had a great second day which saw him the fifth best finisher on Sunday.  Ryan Tarrant and Banjo Hannaford both had very hard days.  The sections were too hard for most of the field which was a pity.  Just to finish was a big effort.

Jasmine Tarrant in her first Aussie Titles riding against the adults did a great job to finish.  Although Jasmines lap scores were high she showed great determination to finish what was a very tough set of sections for the women. 

Brendan Johnson rode a great event to claim second place in Masters only one point behind the winner.  Matt Woodhouse who is a champion enduro rider from Tasmania displayed some great skills and persistence to come in eighth.  His second day scores were well down on his first day but Matt stuck it out to do well for someone who has only just started in the sport.  Riding the same sections as the Masters in Solo 2 class, Josh Coleman had a great trial winning easily.  Josh puts a lot of thought into his lines and this paid off with his result.  Another new to trials rider in Daniel Fenton from Tasmania did a great job in coming in second.  Daniel is another enduro rider who is taking to trials in a big way.  Matt Hannaford fresh from this year’s Scottish Six Day Trial, went into the event with a shoulder injury which he aggravated in Scotland, had a big off on Sunday and pulled out.   

In sidecar class, the Stephen Rees Melissa Rogers combination, came in third.  After a great first day in which they were only one point off the lead, Stephen and Melissa fell away on the second day.  In this class, third place on a twenty one year old bike was a highly creditable finish.   In Youth class, Sean Harfield had a great first day but fell away on the second day to come in fourth.  Sean’s first day was excellent and this shows he is a talented rider.

Veterans featured some terrific results for Beta riders.  Simon Van Baalen only made two mistakes for the weekend with a 5 and a 1.  Simon displayed great concentration to achieve this outstanding result.  Gareth Teale, on home ground and Stewart Hayter found the going hard and did well to finish in high places - Gareth in fourth and Stewart fifth.    Both these riders did some great rides and each completed a single digit lap.  This was a great effort in a hard group of sections.  In the fifty year old veterans group, Ken Cook came in fifth, while Patrick Whitfield in twelfth and Scott Eggins both had tough days.  In the sixty year old veterans group, Stan Mularczyk rode his usual determined style to finish fifth.  John Waterworth and Chryss Jamieson in sixth and seventh found the going very hard but kept going to the end.

Next year the Aussies are back in Victoria at the popular Bendigo venue.  It should be a terrific event so make your plans.

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