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Caldera Moto present the 2016 Electric Motion range

The French manufacturer of these innovative machines is proud to present the 2016 range, featuring the EM Sport and EM Lite Trials bikes and the Escape Trials Free-ride machine. The factory will also be releasing the Etrek trail bike in mid-2016, showing that Electric Motion is keen to branch into the mainstream motorcycle market. For the EM sport, two battery options are now available, either the standard 25 Ah Lithium Polymer battery or a 16 Ah version that is 3kg lighter. The EM Lite shares many components with the EM Sport and is fitted with standard Morad rims, the new Maxxis Trials tires and the 25 ah battery. The Escape features a battery with more capacity than the Trials models and an ergonomically designed seat making it a brilliant free-ride machine. Caldera Moto, located in the Gold Coast Hinterland, Queensland have pre-sold all but one of the 2016 models that are on their way here in January.We are taking orders for bikes in the next production run from the pioneering French company. Please click on the EM 2016 Trial Models.pdf, below. enquiries- Richard Kent p- 0405 631 655 or see


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