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Thanks to Cedric for the report below for the inaugural "Central Queensland Classic and Twinshock Challenge" held at Tony Bax's Lowmead property on 8th Sept 2013.

" Thirty five riders from around Queensland attended the inaugural Central Queensland Classic and Twin Shock Challenge, held over last weekend at Lowmead. Riders competed over four laps of nine sections ranging from sandy banks and creek crossings to rolling rocks, with the odd log just for good measure. Although no part of the course was seen as dangerous, several riders did fall on the rocky sections. Click Read More to see full article..

In Classics (pre 65) Gary Underwood on a Triumph Tiger Cub won, losing just 2 points, Cedric van Heerden was 2nd on his BSA Bantam and Dan Gollagher, also on a Triumph Tiger Cub was 3rd. Twin Shock C grade, (pre 87) Tony Bax riding his Honda TLR showed the way, in the very demanding sections set for the C grade riders, Andrew Carpenter, on his Kawasaki headed off Dave McDonald on a Fantic. Twin Shock Club man, the largest class, with 18 riders entered, was closely contested, with one point separating each of the top three riders. Tim Stone, TY 175, was closely followed by David Lahey, TY 250 and Brent Chivers, on his Honda TLR 250.
Twin Shock Junior, a class where Dad's bike is recycled, was won by Jordan Gollagher, on his own rebuilt TL 250, followed by the ever competitive Sarah Chivers, and Connor Flynn both on TY 175's.
Twin Shock Intro, had only one entry, that of Bruce Shipp on a TY 175, while in Intro Junior, Bruce's grandson Brock Carpenter, was the sole entrant.
The club will be holding practice days on the Lowmead property if enough interest can be found in the Bundaberg region. Local Club contact is Cedric van Heerden on 0400034873."

P.S. Certainly some interest from the area with Peter Mcwilliams enjoying his ride on a TY250 on loan from David Lahey, interested spectators Noel Johnson looking to get his TY250 going, Barry Lumsden who i was discussing a feat by rider in the 70's who made the news for doing a mono on a TY175 for greater than 3 miles, only for him to reply that it was him, Peter and later Darryl.

Greg Paton.

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