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David Ryan appointed Vertigo importer

Vertigo Motors Spain has appointed David Ryan and Hugh Harvie as their new Australian importers taking over from Paul Arnott at The Hell Team.

After 29 years as the Australian Beta importer, all that accumulated knowledge will now be applied to providing the best service and back up possible for Vertigo trials bikes possible.  Vertigo is the only 2 stroke trials bike using fuel injection.  After 5 years of development with 12 time World Champion Dougie Lampkin at the helm, these revolutionary bikes are now fully sorted and reliable.  Winning the Scottish Six Day Trial and the Scott Trial is a testament to the reliability of these bikes.

We have purchased Paul Arnott’s existing stock of spare parts so existing Vertigo owners can be assured that they will receive the same level of service as Paul provided.  Contact us on 0407 043 571 or

News of our first batch of Vertigo bikes and pricing will be posted soon.

Check out the video about Vertigo by Dougie Lampkin at


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