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Day 1 Jurassic 3 DayTrial Costa Rica

30th Nov, 2019 | David Ryan

Day 1 Jurassic 3 DayTrial Costa Rica

Well I finished the day OK.  105 kms of mostly up and down hills – really long hills.  20 sections set in the water with lots of slippery rocks, limestone rock steps and some mud.  The majority of riding is along single track with only around 30 km of dirt roads.  I rode the easier blue line with around 15 cleans but only one five.   A good C+ rider could get through the day.  The day was high twenties but quite humid. 

I was due to ride a Vertigo but I had to give it to Berta Abelan.  I guess been number two in the world has its advantages.  Instead I have a brand new TRS which is a very nice bike to ride.  The hills are massive some more than 2 kms long.  If you get stuck by a crashed rider it is very hard to get going again.  You need to keep moving.  The streams are really slippery so you have to very careful of your line, deviate and it is all over for that section.  I ended up finishing just on time after helping a few riders who were out of fuel. 

The locals are really rapt to have us here.  They are very friendly wanting us to join in the local festival which is on at the same time as the trial.  Great fun joining in the dancing but not too much drinking.  They are always giving way to you on the roads and crossings.  Plenty of smiles, waves and high fives.

Jamie Busto has the flu so he did not make it.  Instead Miguel Gelabert came.  Dinner in the evenings is a really interesting fun time.  Rubbing shoulders with the likes of 3 time World Champion Yrjo Vesterinen, world number two Berta Abelan, world pro rider Miguel Gelabert, world trial 2 rider Pau Martinez.  Really interesting getting to speak with them about their careers in trials and how they got there.

Anyway, tomorrow it is back to riding another massive loop in the jungle.  You should see the size of the spider webs and the number of monkeys.  Hope the fitness holds out.

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