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Day 3 Jurassic 3 Day Trial Costa Rica

3rd Dec, 2019 | David Ryan

Day 3 Jurassic 3 Day Trial Costa Rica

Well I have finished in one piece.  Actually, it was a really good day.  We did two laps of 12 kms with 20 sections all up.  I rode mostly blue line with some red line sections and had a score of 4 I think.  The scoring is a little bit variable so you don’t really know what you got till the results come out.

The lap was along a beach then up some rivers but always near the beach.  Lots of banks to ride up with rocks everywhere.  The sections are mostly straight with some tight turns thrown in around boulders.  Mostly the sections have plenty of water.  The sections were a bit easier – an average C grade rider could get through all the blue lines.  The trial became easier with each day.

This has been the best trial I have ever ridden.  I enjoyed it more than the Scottish which is a much bigger test of rider ability and fitness.  The scenery is unbelievable and the locals very friendly.  The organizers have tried really hard to make this a must do trial. 

Now I am off for a couple of days sightseeing then flying home to reality.  Next year I will be coming back and hope some more Australians come with me.  You won’t regret it.

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