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Day 6 and final day of the Scottish

Well it has finally come the last day of the 2017 Scottish Six Day Trial.  My aim when I started thinking about competiting in this event was to finish on time and attempt all the sections.  Where I finished did not matter.  Well I achieved my aim which pleased me no end.  

The last day was really good.  I was sore from previous crashes.  My arm and knee especially.  Pipeline was first up which are traditional sections at the scottish and I am sure you have all seen photos of this area.  The sections were really hard once you bounced off line it was all over.  The sun was shinning and the weather was the best of the week.  I have been really lucky to strike a sunny week with no rain.  The next sections were next to Mondays.  The moor crossing was the same as Monday and it was much easier due to the warm weather and no rain.  They were much drier although there are still bogs to look out for.

Next up was Blackwater reserve which was very steep up and down the hills and in one part a 5 mile slog along the side of a really steep hill.  This area is in the middle of nowhere so no spectators.  Then it was through single track forest trails.The sections were again uphill and rocky but with lots of water from melting snow flowing down them.  I really liked riding these - a great challenge.  I filled my boots up walking them.  At the last groups of sections I watched Dougie win the trial with a flawless display of riding.  I rode just before him so it was great watching a champion win his eleventh Scottish.  The next best was 5 wins.

It was a real sense of relief when I finished on time.  A great feeling of accomplishment.  The Beta EVO Super Smooth had performed extremely well and I am glad John Lampkin talked me into riding one of these.  It was the perfect bike for this type of slippery rocky terrain.  At the end it was bike up on the podium and a chat with the commentator to the crowd.  A bit of an ego trip.  Been from Australia was a talking point for the commentator.  After the finish went to the Vertigo pits with John Lampkin who of course is the English Beta importer.  It was a big celebration for Dougie and his team.

Next up was Presentations which were a buz.  It was great talking with other competitors.  Then onto a couple of pubs for more celebrations.  I had loads of people wanting to congratulate me on finishing riding on my own and not in a team of riders with support vans which most competitors do.  

Thanks to David Ryan at Beta Racing for his help getting this trip organized and to John Lampkin for the great bike.  This trial is not a trial but a race with sections in it.  It is the biggest challenge I have ever had in riding trials and I feel really pleased with myself for having finished on time and recieve a second class award.


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