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27th May, 2022 | Graeme Cadman


Denman MCC's twinshock titles are happening on the 12th & 13th June (Sunday/Monday). There will be a full day of riding on Sunday followed by a short day on the Monday to allow traveling time. Camping will be available on site, we will have a BBQ running with cold drinks and Tea and Coffee. We are having to use a different access to the property this year due to the wet weather. Keep an eye out for the Clubs Yellow banner at the entry point, there will be signs to guide you to the trials area once you enter the property. The address for the access point is 2175 Golden HWY on the western side of Sandy Hollow. This trial is open to all twinshock machines pre 86, grades catered for will be A, B, C, Clubman, Junior, & PRE 65. Mono's are welcome to ride for no award, however if it's getting towards the end of the day and a twinshock rider ques up behind you at a section we would appreciate it if you would let them through so they can complete their sections. Number of sections, and laps will be announced at the riders breifing. Scrutineering and sign on will be available from 10am Saturday morning. Early sign on and scrutineering would be appreciated, you are free to take your bike with you after scrutineering. Riders breifing will be at 9:45am both mornings. Hopefully the weather is OK and we have a great weekend, see you there.

If anyone requires any more info please contact Graeme Cadman at or MOB: 0412071787

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