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Easter Classic Trial Re-Run

15th May, 2021 | Trials Club of Queensland

Easter Classic Trial Re-Run

Wow!! What a great weekend at “RobJoy”!! Although Easter has gone for the year, Trials Club Of Queensland kept their promise to reschedule the Covid stricken event. And boy it was worth the wait!!!

Massive THANK YOU to the Gough family for offering their property to stage the rescheduling after unfortunately the “Leighton” property was unavailable.

Also massive thanks to all who helped put the event together, there is a few to many to mention, but just let me tell you, there is a big push to promote Pre65 Trials in Queensland, and that team of people have definitely got things heading in the right direction, so thank you all.

As for the results, below I’ll just list day 1 and day 2 results, day 2 being total for final position.


Day 1  T6

Dean Hicks 0

Jordan Gollagher 0

Robert Leggett 2

Peter Limbert 2

Robert Eyers 2

Paul McAllister 10

Barry Pugh DNF

Mason Pugh DNF


Day 2  T6

Dean Hicks 1

Robert Eyers 2

Peter Limbert 3

Robert Leggett 4

Paul McAllister 23

Jordan Gollagher DNF

Barry Pugh DNF 

Mason Pugh DNF 


Day 1 T5

Justin Gough 0

Tony Bax 0

Russell French 1

Dan Gollagher 1

Peter Gately 2

Peter Sampson 8

Gary Underwood 10

Bradley Bryant 10

Greg McLennan 17


Day 2 T5

Tony Bax 1

Justin Gough 1

##After ride off##

Russell French 3

Dan Gollagher 8

Peter Gately 14

Greg McLennan 18

Gary Underwood 19

Bradley Bryant 19

Peter Sampson 21

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