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Electric Motion 2020 E Pure

19th Jun, 2019 | Caldera Moto
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Electric Motion 2020 E Pure

The next generation E Pure trials bike is currently in production at the new larger EM factory in Castries, France. My new EM Importing business, EV Moto is taking orders for these impressive new machines.

The E Pure is available in 3 x specification-

E Pure Lite- Tech fork, optional PLS clutch or rear brake at handlebar, 73kg

E Pure Sport- new M4 air fork (less 1.5 kg), PLS clutch, 70kg

E Pure Race- diaphragm clutch, M4 air fork, 72kg

All the bikes share the same new much smaller frame, housing the more "energy dense" battery, basically it is both lighter than my current EM Sport battery with 60% more "range". I expect to have the first bikes here in December this year. I am salivating to test the Race version that I am getting, the hydraulically operated diaphragm clutch mated to a motor with more output than the one I have been running for the last 5 x years, should be good for extensions and splats.

EV Moto can order your EM from France, it is a different business model from the normal bike shop,  For more details, click on the EM logo on TA sidebar, the prices are on EM 2020 page.

Richard Kent p- 0405 631 655






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