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Electric Motion 2021 models

28th Jul, 2020 | Caldera Moto
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Electric Motion 2021 models

The French factory are proud to present the new 2021 models of the Trials specific E Pure and the free-ride Escape. Both models are available from EV Moto, Australia in 3 x versions. Some details-

E Pure Race- Optimised motor is mated to the diaphragm clutch for expert performance. All E Pure and Escape models feature the same new frame geometry from Marc Colomer's development. The fork is the aluminium fully adjustable Tech brand.

E Pure Sport- Same wheel set and suspension as the 'Race' model. Clutch lever operates as "progressive regenerative brake" or PRB which adds charge to the battery while braking. All E Pures have the same 1.9kw battery pack giving 45km range or 3 to 5 x hours riding.

E Pure Lite- Sharing most components with the Sport and Race, the Lite has the 40mm steel Tech fork and Morad wheelset with non-flanged rear rim. All E Pures have Michelin X- Lite tires. The PRB and normal footbrake will be fitted for Australian 'Lite' and 'Sport' models. If you would like the back brake at the handlebar instead of the clutch, we can have the bike set up this way.

Escape R- This beast features the mechanical clutch and other features of the E Pure Race. Extreme Enduro weapon to take on the petrol bikes???? For sure with a motivated rider on board.

Escape- The standard Escape with the big 2.7kw battery pack. New styling and seat/seat base for 2021. The 3 x maps have been revised for the needs of the modern free-rider. Range is 75km.

Escape Lite- based on E Pure Lite with the 1.9kw pack. Perfect entry level EM Trials/ free-ride bike that looks like a lot of fun.

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