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Electric Motion 2022 models by EV Moto, Australia

The French brand recently released the details for the 2022 E-Pure and Escape bikes, the brochures for them are below in the attachment section. The big change for the 2022 E Pure Race is the inclusion of TKO or tick-over, a bit like the idle on a petrol bike. The E Pure Race has the 3 x maps similar to 2021 plus the extra maps with TKO. Development rider, Marc Colomer suggested the TKO when he joined EM in 2019, our top rider Gael Chatagno has proven how good the new bike is in competition, achieving great results in 2021 and 2020. Other updates for 2022 include a new CNC machined battery 'box' and a new R16V 3 x way adjustable shock for the 'E Pure Race' with mechanical clutch.

The standard transmission of the E Pure is indeed very nice to use for Trial riding too, The standard E Pure has no mechanical clutch, instead the electronic clutch lever both chops the drive and brings on the regenerative brake of the electric motor, when you engage the lever. The foot brake is there too but riders with the PRB (progressive regen brake) find it very useful for general riding. The 2022 E Pure also benefits from a traction control system that can again be accessed through the map switch as an option when you are riding. 

The Escape and Escape R models have the larger 2.6kw battery pack for a range of about 40 to 60km  riding and are amazingly versatile machines, based on the Trials bike with class leading style. The Escapes are super-cool and accellerate seamlessly out of corners, surfing the torque wave of the no-gearbox drive-train. The Escape R also gets the mechanical clutch and suspension of the E Pure Race. Escape and Escape R both have regenerative braking too, so the rider can add charge to the battery when braking down long hills.

The EM 2022 range reflects the work of 12 x years in the electric bike sphere as a manufacturer of 'customer ready' electric bikes. EV Moto have regular shipments of EM bikes coming to Australia as the riders in Australia are progressively getting more switched on to respectful electric bikes.

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