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Electric Motion E Pure 2021, the first one has arrived in Australia!

The happy recipient is Barry Anderson from Canberra practicing some balance in the image. Barry has reported to me that he is enjoying the ride experience from the E Pure Race with it's conventional diaphragm clutch mated to the smooth electric motor. The younger riders in the Anderson family have also enjoyed thier riding on it, set on the "green map" of course. The 3 x maps on all the Pures and Escapes are significantly different. Most of the EM 2020 riders here in Aus use the middle "blue map" which has smoother accelleration to peak than the expert "red map". It is a bit like a gear box in some ways. The one "gear" that an EM Trial bike has will reach about 65 km/h, the electric motor just keeps spinning up faster the more volts it gets from the controller. 

More 2021 airfreight EMs will be here soon. The next shipment of seafreight E Pures and Escapes arrive in March 2021. For more info- email Richard Kent at EV Moto. The new brochure is in attachment below.





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