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Electric Motion E Pure Kid

29th Apr, 2020 | Caldera Moto
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Electric Motion E Pure Kid

The E Pure Kid is based on the E Pure Lite with 19' front and 17' rear wheels with V Rubber tires. There is also alternate 'Kids' mapping for the controller and reduced width handlebars. On the handlebar there can be a rear brake at the left side or an electronic clutch with progressive regenerative braking (PRB).

The range or autonomy of the E Pure is around 4 x hours of riding for a 75 kg adult, I rarely use more than 50% of the battery in my E Pure for my training days. For the young, lighter rider, I would expect the E Pure Kid to have great autonomy.

If you would like to know more on EM bikes-

Richard Kent p- 0405 631 655

TA Side bar has a link to EM Australia website- EV Moto

The file attached below has more information on E Pure Kid




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