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Electric Motion EM5.7 arrives down under.

22nd Jul, 2014 | Paul Arnott

 The next generation of trials bike could well be amongst us. Phillippe Aresten (ex Scorpa) has developed a big leap forward in Electric powered Trials bikes - the EM5.7


The electric bike's power comes from a brushless DC motor developed especially for the EM 5.7 and a custom-built, removable Li-Pol battery pack contained within an aluminum shell. The total weight of the latter (including cables, protection and measurement systems and the BMS) is 11 kg (24 pounds). It can be charged while sat in the bike or taken out and plugged into the supplied charger, and takes about two hours from full discharge. Riders can check status courtesy of an onboard LED charge level indicator.

An electronic clutch lever on the left of the handlebar and twist-grip throttle to the right allow for precision control over the power delivered by the motor, and a security switch to the top left works with a wrist-worn magnetic lanyard to secure the bike in the event of a fall. There's also a button positioned to the left that activates regen/electric braking.

The low-maintenance EM 5.7 has three operating modes to match the bike's performance with the rider's ability. The Novice mode has reduced speed, torque and power for beginners. Trek is chosen for leisure riding and offers decent power, torque and speed while also having a range of between 2 and 2.5 hours. The Trial mode is for the pros and comes equipped with two settings of its own, chosen using a button placed on the handlebar. Map 1 is designed for soft trial riding or wet conditions, and Map 2 is for hard trial/dry conditions.

The Hell Team are sole Australian importer of EM trials bikes. The 2014 EM 5.7 is available in a range of colours - (blue, green and orange) Available NOW.

RRP is $10,500 (inc GST) this includes charger and Lithium Battery pack.

Available now from The Hell Team Trials Store. LINK

We can crate and freight Australia wide for very reasonable rates. Ring or email with location for freight quote.

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