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Electric Motion Escape- the world's most versatile motorcycle?

The EM Escape is built on the platform of the French brand's E Pure Trials models, sharing key components like frame, drive-trains and suspension. After extensive testing of the Escape Lite (pictured) I am amazed with the performance as a trail bike or what is now know as "free-riding". The torque and smoothness of the power delivery combined with no gearbox to complicate riding make it easy to focus on all the other things a rider must contend with.

The Trials ability of the Escape is also impressive, again amazing grip and simplicity of control only makes it easier for the rider. There are 3 x different models of Escape, here is a brief summary of the Escape models, all available from EV Moto in 2021. (click on EM logo in TA sidebar)

EM Escape R- this one has the mechancical diaphragm clutch mated to the powerful electric motor and the premium componentry of the E Pure Race. Escape R also has the larger 2.6kw battery pack, good for about 60km or perhaps 4 x hours of free-riding

EM Escape- the standard model of the range has the 2.6kw pack, wheel-set with rim-locks and tubes to allow fitment of a wider range of tires. All EMs come standard with Michelin X11 trial universal tires. The Escape and Escape Lite both have the more simple direct belt drive transmission, the 'clutch' lever at the handlebar does 2 x things when your index finger pulls in the lever- the drive is 'chopped' with the regen brake of the motor simultaneously kicking in. The regen brake also sends charge back to the battery. In practice the PRB (progressive regenerative brake) lever is useful for braking and can really make a significant increase to the bikes 'range' or autonomy.

EM Escape Lite- very siimilar to standard Escape but with the 1.9kw battery found in the Trials E-Pure models. Range in distance is approx 40km or 3 x hours of riding over hill and dale...

Richard Kent, EV Moto





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