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Electric Motion team welcomes Loris Gubian

19th Feb, 2020 | Caldera Moto

Electric Motion team welcomes Loris Gubian

The EM team is growing with the former World Pro class rider, French Champion and 2018 Trial E Champion Loris Gubian riding the E Pure Race in the 2020 Trial E Cup events. Gubian will have another former World Champion, Marc Colomer running the competition team this year. Marc is a well respected development rider and has allready competed on the E Pure in Spanish events. Christophe Bruand (pictured) has been an EM rider since 2010, he is a very accomplished showman and world class Trial rider. Christophe may well bring his unique style and moustache to this years Trial E events.

The E Pure is now in Australia, I have done about 20 x hours of riding and am totally enjoying the new model. The frame is small, the motor is very strong, surprisingly so on the 'red' map 3. The clutch i can confirm works beautiful, very positive hook up and light at the lever. There is no need for a gearbox, this would be a waste of weight and friction. The one gear does it all from 0 to 60km/h, the 3 x maps are significantly different with the 'green' map 1 giving a very smooth response, way smoother than say a 200cc Beta Evo. I'm riding it on the 'blue' map 2, perfect for what I do in A grade and Masters. The new battery pack runs the same voltage as my 2018 EM but the range of the pack has doubled, as it is now 40 Ah. The new air fork saves 1.5kg in weight and for me is perfect out of the box. The M4 fork has different funtions in each leg and can be adjusted via a high pressure 'car valve' at the top of each fork tube. The Race model also gets the monoblock Braktec front calliper and 'race' rear disc.

Richard Kent, EV Moto




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