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Ep 15: Jenna Lupo - MX to Trials to TdN

27th Mar, 2020 | David Grice

Ep 15: Jenna Lupo - MX to Trials to TdN



This episode is recorded from our bunker. The news segment is cancelled this week in sympathy with all the trials events that have been cancelled as's frankly all bit depressing.


A bit of positive news however is that the podcast is full steam ahead. We have the ability to record all our interviews remotely and there are a whole lot of people with more time on our hands. We have a few interviews already queued up ready to release and with plenty more in the way.


That said this maybe a great time to get those bike maintenance tasks completed. Be sure to reach out to your local trials dealers:


In the UK there is obviously BVM moto and we had Gareth Talbot on the podcast last week. Locally in Australia, the Hell Team, and MotoDynamics are still processing online orders but in any case reach out to your local dealer.






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