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Ep 16: Milky (aka Richard Midgley) - We're not in Silsden anymore!




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This week, we speak with Richard Midgley but everyone calls him Milky stemming from his resemblance to the Milky Bar kid in his youth. He is the Sales Manager for English speaking geographies for Jitsie, a major brand in trials. In this wide ranging chat, we get to know more about Milky's background in trials along with his partner in crime Jan Peters...a very accomplished trials rider who also works for Jitsie.


They have started a video log series for Jitsie that is called Milky & Jan's adventures where they travel the world to have a go at trials in different countries and document their nuances and differences. From the outside, it looks like one of the best jobs going around. Today we speak to the man doing it and hear that although he does feel very blessed, it's not always a glamourous role.


Just to help you keep track of this interview, there are two Jan's mentioned...Jan Cardinaels is the owner of Jitsie while Jan Peters is the rider featured in these videos.



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