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Ep 17: Connor Hogan + Bonus TdN Training

3rd Apr, 2020 | David Grice

Ep 17: Connor Hogan + Bonus TdN Training



Something a little special today. This episode of the podcast is actually two parts: Firstly we interview Connor & Brenton Hogan. Secondly, we have included audio from the training session Connor and Brenton ran on the 23rd of March at the Oakleigh Motorcycle Club Grounds.


Connor is Australia's most prominent rider in Europe currently, riding the a good portion of the season in the World Trial 2 class. Brenton, his dad is a 10 times South Australian state champion.


Today we hear the story of how Brenton's love of trials, domestic success, and flirtation with riding trials in Europe has created a foundation that Connor has used to spring from into even greater success domestically, very tidy results in his first SSDT, and also into European competition.


Thank you to Peter Wines the president of the Oakleigh Motorcycle Club for arranging the training session.


The interview lasts for 43 minutes and then there is roughly 25 minutes of content from the training.


Connor would like to thank his sponsors:

Hippel Racing:

Rockhopping SA:

The Hell Team:

GRO Oil Australia:




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