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Ep 19: Dan Thorpe - Mr one hundred and forty eight



Today we are talking with Dan Thorpe. Dan holds the record for the most win in the ACU S3 Parts Nationals, having won 148 of them. Yes, you heard correctly, 148.


Despite consistently winning, Dan has also been consistently riding Gas Gas for the John Shirt Gas Gas UK team for the last 21 years.


What I really loved about this conversation was how level headed Dan was and how down to earth his approach to trials remains.


Among Dan's many talents is his annual commentary on the Scottish Six Day DVD's which has then led into his own Training DVD which we discuss in this chat.


After each interview with a guest I ask them to suggest who else they would recommend I chat with. Despite this only being our 19th episode, I've had multiple requests from people to reach out to Dan and you will get a sense of why as you listen to this.


I'm truly grateful to have been able to spend and hour chatting Dan...I hope you enjoy.


Dan like to thank his sponsors:

Gas Gas UK:





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