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Ep 20: Alex Niederer - Austria to America to NATC Pro



This podcast is our first foray to the States. We chat with NATC Pro rider Alexander Niederer. We talk about his journey from his birth place of Austria to his move to America when he was 18, and then his progress through the ranks of USA trials all the way to Runner Up in the championship in 2019.


In addition, he is the president of the Florida Trials Association and also works with his family on their business


For regular listeners to our podcast who have heard the Milky episode which was episode 16, he talk about he and Jan's visit to the states. Well, Alex was the one who hosted them when they came out.


I'd like to thank Alex for his willingness to do this podcast, and it was something like 5:30am at the time he recorded this but it was at his insistence...he promised me he was used to getting up early for the gym!


Alex would like to thank his sponsors:



Hammer Nutrition:

Boysen Factory Reeds:



HPD Graphics

Cross Fit Lena:

Trial Store USA:

...but most of all his Mum & Dad for making all this a reality.


I hope you enjoy this chat with Alex.



Milky podcast (Ep 16):







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