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Ep 21: Franzi Kadlec - And 'that' decision to walk away from TrialGP in 2020



It's unusual to have someone walk away from their sport when they are at the peak of their powers, but as Franzi Kadlec  describes in this weeks interview....there is balance needed (no pun intended). In this interview we uncover Franzi's history in the sport, the progress through to TrialGP class and the sacrifices made to chase success in the sport he loves.


We also hear how Franzi's decision to focus on a career outside of trials now requires it's own commitment but that it's also given him a balance, and a sense of enjoyment, that he didn't know he missed until he started.


Just a quick bit of housekeeping: For the last couple of weeks we have been releasing these twice weekly to help everyone in lock down, however I'm going to return to our original weekly schedule. If I can fit more in, I will but I won't be committing to a twice weekly release schedule.






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