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Ep 28: Ian & Oliver Smith and the story behind OSET



This is the amazing story of the origins behind the OSET brand. We speak to the founder Ian and hi son Oliver Smith who the OSET brand is named after. It's very much a family business.


Today you can get your kids into trials without at least having a think about and OSET but what stood out for me is the impact this is having on youth participation in the trials sport. Ian calculated that since OSET was launched, Youth Membership with the ACU grew by 300%.


Today OSET have are welcome in most competitions, but in the UK they have a dedicated OSET cup competition and in the UK you don't see any petrol bikes in the sub 10 year age group competition.


 They are also bringing people to trials from other motorcycle disciplines.


From humble beginnings, they are now quite sophisticated in their development and even working with the University of Brighton to implement full testing regimes and supporting the future development of models.







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