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Ep 33: Billy Green and the move to full time trials riding



It's great to see the world emerging from lock down, with those that are able out riding their trials bikes. As we get more certainty around competitions resuming we reintroduce the news segment at the beginning of the podcast, but for now we will just focus on the interviews.


This episode we chat with British rider Billy Green.


Billy won the 125cc WTC in 2018 after a sensational 8 British junior national championships (yes, 8!).

We discuss his progression through the sport, and how he continued to surprise himself with his achievements.


Billy's big break through came when he was encouraged to enter his home round of the WTC in Tong, UK where his finished on the podium in his first outing.


Since winning the 125cc class, Billy has gone on to the trial 2 competition in the WTC.





















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