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Ep 36: Derek Thomas - flat land is no barrier

31st Jul, 2020 | David Grice

Ep 36: Derek Thomas - flat land is no barrier



Today we are speaking with Derek Thomas.


We first got in touch with Derek after publishing Episode 12 with Don Murray. Although Don is from Australia and Derek from Canada we heard how they traveled Europe together in search of trials.


Well now we get to hear Derek's side of the story.


Derek spent a number of years riding in Europe competing in 15 rounds between '92-99, has represented Canada at the TdN multiple times, competed in the US NATC and has 5 podiums in the Canadian National Championships.


More recently though, he has been a driving force in bringing trials to an area of Canada that you normally wouldn't expect: the flat lands of Saskatchewan province.


In addition to that, the Saskatchewan Flatland Trials Association have hosted Canadian Nationals and Derek is now on the board of Directors for the CMA.


It's a great chat and also follows on nicely from Episode 32 with our other Canadian guest Christy Williams Richards.


I hope you enjoy this chat with Derek Thomas.



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