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Ep 37: Tim Coleman - Trials to top-flight hard enduro



Tim Coleman is one of Australia's most accomplished off road riders.


Despite never clinching an Australian Outdoor title, everyone knows that Tim is one of Australia's best trials riders.


More recently Tim has pivoted to Hard Enduro mixing it with the worlds best riders.


In this chat we talk about Tim's history in trials, his balance between his Hard Enduro commitments and his coaching business and even his stunt riding for Hugh Jackman on the Wolverine movie.


This was recorded at Tim's property in Glenmaggie Victoria, as part of a day of coaching I did with Tim. I'll include links in the show notes to images from this magical place, and anyone who gets to the opportunity to visit should definitely do it. It's no surprise when as place like this is essentially your back yard you ride as well as Tim does.


I haven't had an opportunity to do many face to face interviews lately due to COVID-19 Lockdown, which has only gotten more severe. This was recorded in early July prior to the more recent strict lockdown.


I hope you enjoy this chat with Tim.






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