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Ep 41: Trevor Bennett - 47 years and 547 trials later



Trevor Bennett is a significant figure in the rich tapestry of the Australian trials fabric.


I guess if you have been riding for 47 years, have a willingness to travel far & wide, have a reasonable sense of humour and above average people skills you almost can't avoid being a significant figure in our sport.


Trevor has been instrumental in establishing the Trials club of Canberra and beyond just being a highly capable organiser and administrator, he is a fastidious record keeper which you will hear about in the interview.


In his role as an administrator of our sport he has gone to lengths to drive women's participation in our sport and increase the comradery between our New Zealand cousins through the Trans Tasman Trophy


We also heard about the boom the sport of trials experienced back in the 70's when every manufacturer had a trials bike in their showrooms.


I do need to be honest...we did struggle to stick to the script and there was a bit of deviation during the conversation but who am I to stifle someone who has given so much to our sport.


I hope you enjoy this chat with Trevor.



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