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Ep 42: Minders special edition with Jiří Svoboda & Daniel Fenton



Something a little different this week. Rather than focus on the riders we are focusing on the role of a minder.


We've got two of the best in the business, who themselves are very accomplished riders.


Jiří Svoboda is the minder for James Dabill who is competing a the top flight of the world Trial GP.

Daniel Fenton has done minding for Chris Bayles one of Australia's top riders, including at a few world rounds and also minded for the Australian mens and women's TdN team.


As you will hear in this conversation, there are quite a lot of variables that minders need to deal with.


The role requires skills, but it's more than just the technical skills. As well as being their in a technical capacity to help the riders with there wheel placement, manage time within a section and catch the bike if they fall....There are equal parts psychologist in managing rider emotions and sensing the observers demeanor as well as a part time mechanic just to top it off.


We also have a lengthy discussion about the rules that apply to minders. It's fair to say there are a few, and they vary depending on the championship you ride in. In addition to that, some are applied more stringently and there are others that are rarely enforced which can make it very tricky when the minders mistake can have a negative consequence on the riders score.


Despite this, we do discuss the fulfillment these gentlemen get from the role and how critically important it is to the sport.


I hope you enjoy this minders special edition.



Jiri in action:

That Japan crash:






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